Jewelry from the Academy Awards – 2012

Hollywood’s most important night of the year is forever captured in memory and this year’s Oscar hopefuls and VIPs reflected the timelessness of the event with their choice of jewelry.  Platinum, the precious metal that never changes color nor fades, ruled the red carpet at the 2012 Academy Awards last night. From Natalie Portman and Cameron Diaz’s diamond necklaces, to Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez’s drop earrings, Hollywood’s leading actresses chose to showcase their jewels in naturally white platinum settings that truly enhance the brilliance of diamonds and colored gemstones.

Jewelry and style expert Michael O’Connor – who helped celebrities find the perfect baubles for last night’s festivities – notes that classic elegance is back. “Movie stars are foregoing over-the-top bling and instead selecting one or two statement pieces of classic Platinum jewelry that stand the test of time.” Drop and stud earrings, ornate cuff bracelets, hair brooches and statement necklaces set in Platinum were the most popular choices of the evening. Platinum is the most favored metal on the red carpet because it’s naturally white, so it maximizes the brilliance of gemstones. SOURCE Platinum Guild International

However, at last night’s ceremony, The Iron Lady actress, Meryl Streep, dazzled on the red carpet in a sparkling gold dress that matched the famous Oscar’s statue.

Here’s the list of the items pictured above: (from left to right)

14k Yellow Gold Spiral Dangling Earrings

–  14k Yellow Gold Endless Love Knot Ring

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Dangling Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Amethyst Ring 

14k Two Tone .48ctw Tear Drop Earrings

10k Yellow Gold Chocolate and White Twisted Diamond Ring

Want an affordable “Oscar” worthy look? We have so many styles that would be perfect for your evening out!

Here’s the list of the items pictured above: (from left to right)
Gabriel and Co. 14k White Gold Diamond Sparkling Icicle Earrings
Gabriel and Co. Dangling 14k White Gold Diamond Shoulder Length Earrings
Gabriel and Co. Sparkling 14k White Gold Sapphire Earrings
Gabriel and Co. 14k White Gold Sparkling Ring
Endless Diamond 14k White Gold Diamond Ring
14k White Gold 1ctw Blue and White Diamond Ring

How do celebrities insure the jewelry that they “borrow” to wear during the Oscars? 

 – Jewelers carry “block” insurance, which protects all their inventory should something happen.

– Celebs are responsible for the jewelry that they wear; some even travel with security as an extra safety measure.

– Items that can catch on things, or fall off, are the ones that are lost the most often…

“We need to know when they (are) picking up the jewelry, how the transfer is going to take place, where they are going to keep the jewelry when they take it off at night, and when it will be returned to the jeweler and in what manner,” says Janece White, vice president and jewelry underwriting specialist for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies.

If the underwriter doesn’t like the plan, the company may require adjustments.

“Sometimes it’s all done by a security guard; they take them to get the jewelry, and they take them to bring it back,” says White. “I’ve even seen security be assigned to the event, depending on how big it is.”

 White admits she’s a little more nervous underwriting the Grammys and MTV Video Music Awards than the Emmys or Oscars. “It’s a different crowd coming to see them,” she says. The underwriting decision often boils down to the celebrity.

“In the end, is this somebody who is established, mature, who can tell me the chain of command, and I can trust that that is exactly what they’re going to do?” she says.

 So what’s the risk that a half-million-dollar Neil Lane broche will mysteriously “disappear” during an after-party celebration, and a claim will need to be filed? Slim, says White.

“Claims on something ‘borrowed’? The answer is no, knock on wood,” she says. “But I have seen claims for big, stellar events where our customers did lose jewelry. It’s usually an earring or a bracelet, things that catch on things and fall out.”

White catalogs the types of losses this way:

“The biggest cause of loss for us is ‘mysterious disappearance.’ That’s when something falls off, and you can’t find it. Another is ‘unknown theft,’ where you thought you left it in the hotel room, and it’s gone. And there’s the ‘inside job,’ where you have housekeeping and other people in the house, and things walk away. The ‘stick-up robbery’ does occur, but it doesn’t happen as often with high-net-worth clients because they’re not normally on the subway or the bus,” she says.

As for the risk that a star will simply fail to return a borrowed piece?

“That’s the individual you don’t want to (under)write,” she says. “That’s somebody who is not mature and ethical. I would not want to insure somebody who is unethical.”

From: Insuring Celebrity Red-Carpet Jewelry |

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