Feels like Spring!

With this warm weather that we’ve been having off and on, here in Columbia, it’s easy to forget that we are still in Winter! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be around 75 degrees! Spring starts on March 20th, but our weather makes us feel like it’s Spring, especially since our lovely southern flowers and trees are already blooming!

The colors for Spring, seem to be fun and playful for this upcoming season. Yes, Tangerine Tango still is “the” color for 2012, which I think will be great for summer, but the colors for Spring are Mint Green, Warm Gray and a Fun/Flirty Pink.

The official Pantone name for the Mint Green color is “Cockatoo”, which is a tactile blue-green, and “is sure to make your spirits soar.” This unusual hue will add a whimsical touch to your clothing  palette and will surely make a statement this Spring season.

The warm gray color goes great with anything, since it’s a neutral and the official Pantone name for this color is, “Driftwood.” “Natural versatile neutrals add practicality to this season’s brights”, according to the Pantone color experts. Driftwood, seems to be a blend of beige and gray that has a slightly warm feeling.

And lastly, the fun and flirty Pink color this season is called “Sweet Lilac.” You may think with the name Lilac, that the color would have a more lavender hue to it… but it’s a more softer pink hue. Pink is always a lovely color to wear in the Spring, it’s fun and fresh and reminds us of all the flowers that will soon be blooming!

What do you think about the new Spring colors for this year? Do you like them? Would you wear them?

Here are some of our items that we picked out, that are in the Spring 2012 color family.

Items pictured above from left to right:

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