The 150 Carat Diamond Dream Ring!

I saw this on the news last night and was pretty blown away by it. The Geneva, Switzerland jewelry designer Shawnish, designed a diamond ring, that’s been carved entirely from a giant diamond! The ring weighs in at an incredible 150 carats!

About a year ago, he unveiled this $70 million dream diamond ring, setting the ultimate milestone in the diamond jewelry creation concept. He says, “In creating a ring made entirely from a faceted stone might seem a fantasy but to embark on the adventure to create it would be akin to taking the ultimate artistic challenge. The dream to create a ring from a single faceted diamond was thus born.”

The unique way he created this stunning showpiece was based on using lasers to cut through one single diamond stone which formed the upper portion of the ring structure. The same stone was then carved out creating the circular shape goes around the finger, creating the ring itself!

Pretty amazing! ~ JM


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