Diamonds on everything!

Since the diamond is the birthstone for the month, I found some items that were encrusted in diamonds. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your iPhone encrusted with them? Not sure if I would feel comfortable carrying around a cell phone that is worth more than my car! But apparently a Russian business man got one made… He commissioned the Austrian designer/jeweler Peter Aloisson, to cover an Apple iPhone in diamonds! The modified phone cost £120,000 pounds and is made of 18 carat White Gold that was encrusted with a total of 318 diamonds… 138 of those diamonds were princess cut.

Another jewelry designer, Stuart Hughes, has made the most expensive iPhone 4! It is worth £5 million pounds, which is about $8 million dollars! It has rose gold that is encrusted with over 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats. The Apple logo itself has 53 diamonds. (Shown here above)

I think I want my ipod encrusted in diamonds. I mean, who wouldn’t? For the small price of $248,000 Norwegian Kroner (around $45,000 US Dollars) you can own the iDiamond with 430 diamonds studding the tiny player, made by Norway’s Heyerdahl Jeweler. [Source: EnGadget]

Don’t forget the kids! Here’s a diamond encrusted Hot Wheels car! Just don’t let little Bobby play with it, or let him swap it for a pack of baseball cars and some gum. Worth $140,000 it’s the most expensive toy ever made! [Source: Gizmodo]

… and I thought I’ve seen it all, until I came across these Diamond and Crystal tires! Cooper commissioned London jeweler JK Diamonds to customize them, which are blinged out with Diamonds and Swarovski crystals. Each of the four Cooper logos were set with the gems and mounted to the tire with a super strong adhesive.

Blog post by~ Jelene

[Source: Rich Times]

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