Zable Beads

What is Zable? Zable makes beautiful sterling silver beads, glass and crystal beads that form a unique bracelet or necklace. The beads slide right onto the starter bracelet so that anyone can easily create their own collection. With over 400 styles to choose from, no two bracelets are the same! Each bracelet tells a unique story. Remember the day you got that bead and added it onto your bracelet? Each bead that you get will connect you with that special moment! They make a great gift! (Hint: Great for Mother’s Day coming up on May 13th!)

A little bit about Zable beads and where they are made: The Zable bead bracelet system was developed at Zoppini headquarters in Florence, Italy. All Zable merchandise is manufactured in Italy of the highest quality. The Murano glass beads are unparalleled in detail and quality. No one knows Murano glass better than the Italians.

Jewelry Warehouse is an authorized dealer for Zable Beads. Mix and match your Zable beads on your bracelet for a different look – we have hundreds of style beads to choose from!

More ZableTM Bead – FAQ’s

1. How do I determine the proper bracelet size?
The best way to determine the best fit is to measure your wrist and add about one inch. By adding one inch, the bracelet will be comfortable when beads are added.

2. Are they interchangeable with other bracelets? Such as, will they go on my Chamilia bracelet?

Yes! ZABLETM beads are guaranteed to be compatible with all other popular brands of bead bracelets such as Pandora, Chamilla, Troll Beads and Biagi.

3. Do I need locker beads?
ZABLETM Smart Bracelets include moveable “Smart Beads” that are silicone filled. Your beads will be kept securely in place without the need for locker beads.

4. What are ZABLETM beads made of?
All ZABLETM beads are sterling silver and are stamped .925. Some beads have gold plating, Cubic Zirconia, or crystals. Our best selling beads are made of Murano glass direct from Venice, Italy.

5. How do I clean ZABLETM beads?
Silver beads may need to be cleaned occasionally. Simply use a polishing cloth or mild soap to get your ZABLETM beads looking like new. Do not use a silver polish or harsh chemicals, as this could cause the oxidation to be removed.


6. Is there a warranty on ZABLETM beads?
ZABLETM beads are warranted for two years after purchase. Any ZableTM beads that have not performed well under normal wear will be repaired or replaced at our option.

How to Create Your One-Of-A-Kind ZableTM Bracelet:

  • Select the bracelet or necklace and the beads of your choice.
  • Unscrew the threaded end of your Smart BraceletTM
  • Remove one Smart Bead, place your beads on the bracelet in the desired order. Replace the Smart Bead to hold your beads in place, then replace the threaded end piece on the bracelet and tighten firmly.
  • You can add beads to your bracelet at any time by repeating the steps above. Change beads to match and outfit, your mood, or for a special occasion!

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