Lafonn offers aid to growing jewelry collection obsession!

Lafonn is a new rarity in the world of Silver, Gemstones and Diamonds. Durability, clean lines, breathtaking stones and a bright finish all define Lafonn.

Some have asked is Lafonn a word that means beauty. Truth is, maybe it is, maybe not…but trust us, when see you these rings, earrings, necklaces and sets, your eyes will further your definition of beauty.

Sterling Silver bonded with Platinum, Gold and Rose overlay, the stylish, sophisticated side of a woman is accented perfectly with Lassaire fine- quality simulated gemstones and diamonds. From sapphire, ruby, emerald and tanzanite to canary and white diamonds; the dazzling perfection of these magnificent stones will give you a look of “flawless beauty within reach.” Unsurpassed durability eight times harder than the average simulated stone and starting at $100 retail, Lafonn is also boasting eight-prongs per stone as a new practice in micro-pave setting necessities. Giving each piece four times the average security and carrying a lifetime guarantee, Lafonn has all the best qualities.

Beautiful yet strong and delicate, these extravagant designs make us all wonder how we’ve only JUST found them!! Every time I see, touch and try on a Lafonn piece, I am left with an obsession of adding a classy touch to a lady’s every-growing  jewelry collection.

See our wonderful collection of Lafonn!

Blog post by ~ Kellie

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