Some of the World’s Largest Emeralds were discovered in NC

Did you know that some of the world’s largest emeralds was found in the Carolinas? Jamie Hill made headlines when he discovered an astonishing 1,869 carat emerald in a dormant family mine, located in Hiddenite, N.C. in 2003, after years of searching. It is valued at over $1 million!

In January of this year, just feet from the spot where he found the exquisite gem that brought him fame before, he again discovered 2 more green emeralds, 1 weighing more than a whopping 100 carats! The other one weighs between 35 and 40 carats.

Emeralds are mostly found in Brazil, Colombia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Hiddenite Mine, which is located in Alexander County, North Carolina, was known for its gems after the Civil War, but the supply of emeralds was believed to have depleted by World War II.

In 1998, Jamie Hill, came upon an 88-carat emerald. The rough gem was cut down into two polished gems of 18.8 carats and 7.8 carats. The smaller one, called “The Carolina Prince” was sold in 1999 to a private investor for $500,000.

The famed “Carolina Emperor” is an astonishing 64 carats, which is the largest cut Emerald in the US, was discovered by Terry Ledford in 2009. It was styled after an Emerald once owned by Catherine the Great of Russia.

Discovered last year in March, were 3 Emeralds weighing 1225 carats, 685.5 carats and 591.5 carats, which are up for display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, along with the “Carolina Emperor.”

In a previous post, I wrote about the World’s largest Emerald, “Teodora” (God’s gift), which is an amazing 57,500 carats! Though not discovered in NC, it is pretty amazing, so I thought I would mention it again! It was found in Brazil and cut in India. Shown below with it’s current owner Regan Reaney. Some appraisers were skeptical that was an 100% true Emerald, that it may have been an enhanced  green beryl stone… but the possibility that it may not be a true Emerald, is still up for debate. It was recently up for auction, but it didn’t get any bids. It was appraised at $1.15 million dollars.

[ Source: North America’s Largest Emeralds NC Emeralds ]

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