Monday ~ Pick of the week!

The pick of the week, is the lovely Hershey’s Kiss Pendant with the June birthstone! If you haven’t checked our or huge collection of Hershey’s jewelry, we have pendants, rings, earrings and bracelet, with the adorable Kiss!

About Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry ~  “Say it with a kiss”® Hershey’s Kisses® have been around since the early 1900’s and have grown to become a household name ever since they opened their doors in 1907. These delicate little packages of joy have swept the world by storm and celebrate every occasion, from Valentine’s day and Halloween to Easter and Christmas. Everyone loves a Hershey’s kiss®, but these kisses won’t melt in your pocket and will last a lifetime.

Rich and sweet, this pendant is made out of sterling silver and features a flat back for a darling look. Featuring the famous Hershey’s® plume for a cute look!

I think the Hershey’s Kiss jewelry is absolutely adorable! What do you think?

View our Hershey’s Kiss Collection here.

Blog post by ~ Jelene



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