Tips for buying an Engagement Ring

Tips for buying an Engagement Ring

So you have found your soul mate; now all you need to find is the perfect engagement ring that she will love forever!

Here is some wisdom that will help you get what you want—which, really, is all about what she wants!

  • When buying and engagement ring, you should keep in mind the price you want to spend. Traditionally, two months salary is a good reference for what you can afford. But, follow your budget and pick the best diamond you can afford.
  • Know her ring size – Don’t try to guess! Borrow one of her rings and have it sized, so you will know the perfect fit.
  • Know the type of metal, the cut of the stone, and a design that she likes. Ask her to see if she has been dropping any hints, and if she has been dropping any hints to you, be sure and take notes!
  • Be educated on the color and clarity of diamond, that she wants. Have an idea of what you are looking for when you start shopping around!

Buying Engagement Ring Tips by ~ Sarah

In addition to these great tips by Sarah, paying attention to what types of jewelry your girlfriend likes, will be beneficial! You wouldn’t want to buy her a Yellow Gold ring, when she prefers White Gold! What kind of jewelry is she currently wearing? Is her favorite piece, a vintage pendant from her grandmother? Then you may want to go with a vintage engagement ring. If she’s into modern styles, you may want to go with a more classic and simple setting. If she likes unique things, you may want to get a custom ring!

Does she like diamonds? Some girls are taking a different approach with engagement rings, and are wanting to get sapphires and rubies instead. Also consider her lifestyle when picking out a ring… If she’s the sporty type, she may not want something that will stick too far out on her finger to catch on things.

We hope these tips will help!

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Blog post by ~ Jelene

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