Employee Pick Thursday

Every Thursday we will be featuring a favorite pick from our own employees. They will give great tips and details about the pieces we carry!

Today’s pick is from Mandy, who works at our West Columbia store.

What is your favorite jewelry pick?  Lafonn

Why did you choose this particular collection?  Lafonn jewelry has a big look for less money. Their prices start at only $99. They are synthetic, lab created, stones that won’t scratch and aren’t cloudy like some CZ’s get.

Would it make a good gift for someone?  Yes, it would make a great gift! A lot of guys purchase these pieces because of the lifetime warranty. They know the gift they are giving can last a lifetime.

Lafonn Sterling Silver Platinum Princess Cut Canary and Clear Simulated Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Can you wear this ring for any occasion?  Yes! They are great, affordable pieces for all occasions.

What is some other information you think everyone would like to know about Lafonn?  On the lifetime warranty – $10 shipping fee replaces or fixes the item. In addition to what we carry, Lafonn also has a bridal line that is designed for when you want to wear a wedding ring on vacation, but you don’t want to risk losing your real wedding ring.

Each piece has a Platinum overlay on sterling silver, which many people may not know.

We tend to get big reactions from customers in the store based on appearance – even bigger reaction when they find out the prices!

Mandy ordered a cushion cut clear stone ring for herself, but is showcasing this lovely Canary Yellow Princess Cut ring.

Thanks Mandy!

See our awesome collection of Lafonn online or at any of our 4 Jewelry Warehouse locations!

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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