Today is Ice Cream Day!

Ice Cream Day - July 15th
Today is National Ice Cream Day! We hope you are staying cool from the summer heat and cooling off with a delicious ice cream cone! Check out these adorable charms by Amore La Vita, featuring an ice cream cone, and a Fudge-cicle! They almost look good enough to eat!
Information about Amore La Vita ~
Each sterling silver charm features a lobster clasp that gives you the opportunity to design and re-design a bracelet that expresses YOU and what you love! Our charm carrier pendants enable the charms to be designed into a matching necklace. The flexibility of the Amore La Vita charms enable you to mix and match with different outfits for any occasion that represents what you “LOVE IN LIFE.”

Made with quality in mind, each charm is made with incredible attention to detail. Many charms are moveable – with wheels spinning, pieces opening, or moving in other ways. Many are also three dimensional, being finished on all sides.

Amore La Vita Charms™ symbolize your favorite things: clothes, beauty, love of music, food, gardening, your occupation, sports and travel.

See our other Amore La Vita charms here.

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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