Tuesday Tips – Organize your Jewelry Box

Burl Oak Jewelry Box
Burl Oak Jewelry Box

If you have a lot of jewelry, it’s important to keep it organized and uncluttered. Having your jewelry scattered all over your bathroom counter, is not only a bad idea, but you risk loosing pieces down your sink, or having them tarnish from the steam in your bath. You should always store your jewelry in a clean dry place.

Keep your jewelry away from the bathroom ~  The best way to store your jewelry is in a jewelry box. Be sure and keep your pieces away from your damp bathroom. Hang up necklaces if you can… some extra places to put them are, the back of a door, or in your closet, so they won’t get tangled. If you don’t have a jewelry box, keep them in a container and separate each piece with tissue paper. This will keep them from tarnishing.

Separate so they won’t get tangled ~ Separate smaller pieces in trays or compartments in your fabric lined jewelry box. Keeping the matching pieces together, helps you keep track of what you have, and you will tend to wear them more often! Some necklaces get tangled really easily, if they are jumbled up with other pieces, so it’s crucial that you hang them, so they will last a life time!

Find a jewelry storage piece that matches your style ~ Most people get a jewelry box that matches their decor in the bedroom. Many place it on their bedroom dressers, for easy access. A secure safe is always the best idea for jewelry that you don’t wear often. You don’t want your grandmother’s precious jewelry getting lost!

We have some jewelry boxes on our site, but most of them are at our stores. Be sure and stop in any of our 4 locations to see them in person!

Do you have any jewelry tips you’d like to share with us? Email me or tweet your response @jewelrywrhse

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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