Monday Pick of the Week – Glass Baron

Did you know that we also sell collectibles here at Jewelry Warehouse? Today’s pick of the week is the lovely glass figurines by Glass Baron! This lovely collection of hand-blown glass figurines, make lovely gifts for someone you know!

About Glass Baron ~ Glass Baron glass collectible figurines are made of high quality, hand-blown glass, handcrafted right here in the United States. Swarovski Crystals are used as accents to add sparkle, color and personality to many of the pieces. Also, 22k liquid gold is delicately brushed on by hand and then kiln-fired for a perfect luster and shine.

Designed in three dimensional glass, each glass figurine piece is handcrafted using one or more of the following techniques: Sandblasting the surface to achieve frosting by the removal of thousands of microscopic chips of glass, airbrushing for natural color enhancements by skilled artists who hand paint each piece using the highest quality, custom made paints, porcelain and clay flowers are hand made petal by petal and individually applied to the glass sculptures. Some of the pieces are mounted on a Manzanita, a beautiful tree root found in the coastal mountains of Southern California.

Each finished glass figurine goes through strict quality control processes to ensure Glass Baron’s standard of excellence.

See our large selection of Glass Baron online! Which piece is your favorite?

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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