Tuesday Tips – Ideas to show off your Bling

Night time outfit

Whether you have vintage, sparkling, sterling silver, or fashion jewelry, nothing can add a little pizzazz to your outfit, like jewelry can. Here are some tips for making your outfit stand out from the rest!

Have a lot going on in the outfit you are wearing? Keep your jewelry simple. Nothing is worse than having a whole lot of variations and colors in your outfit, then also wearing a huge clashing necklace, or a whole bunch of sparklies. Keep it chic.

Bracelets by JSA

If you are layering your necklaces, then don’t wear a whole bunch of bracelets. Pick either stacked bracelets, or layered necklaces. You don’t want to look like a walking  jewelry store. You want to focus on the pieces that you have, to make a statement. You could also put some long dangling earrings and wear some stacked bracelets for a modern look.

Of course, the jewelry you wear is a personal thing, it’s a reflection of what your style is. Obviously, not everyone likes wearing layered necklaces, or a ton of baubles, or chandelier earrings. Go with what you like… For some, just simple stud earrings and a family heirloom ring, completes their outfit.

If you are wearing a choker type necklace, try to avoid wearing any other jewelry. The choker is a statement piece all unto itself.

When you are wearing a long top, or a long draping outfit.. complete the look with a long draping necklace. Shorter outfits, like a short mini or a sleeveless top, would be fun with a shorter necklace. Going out for the evening? Get a huge chunky ring to wear, or stack a bunch of smaller rings.

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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