Employee Pick Thursday

Today is Employee Pick Thursday! Today’s choice was picked by Lauren and her pick is a lovely pair of gold hoops!

Why did you pick these earrings?  I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing some just like these and I had to have them.

What would you let people know about these earrings?   I would recommend these to any of my customers because I like that they are diamond cut. It makes light reflect off the earrings.

Anything else you’d like to add?   You could easily match these with any jewelry, especially with a gold necklace. They are great for everyday wear, or for any occasion.

In addition: What is diamond cut gold?  It is when diamond shaped facets are cut on the gold, making a sparkling appearance, which enhances the jewelry. A quality piece of diamond cut jewelry is actually cut to mimic the way light plays of diamonds or other cut stones. They are designed to have the look of expensive diamond jewelry without the price, all the glitter at a fraction of the cost. [Source: The Glitter of Diamond Cut Jewelry]

Thanks Lauren! Check back with us next week for our Employee picks from our Harbision store!

If you would like to see these earrings on our site, click here.

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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