Monday’s Pick of the week – Palmetto Jewelry

We live in the beautiful state of South Carolina, where the state tree is the Palmetto! We have a huge selection of Palmetto Tree jewelry, in many metals and styles! Here is some interesting information about the Palmetto Tree, that you probably didn’t know about…

When was the Palmetto Tree picked as the state tree of SC? ~ South Carolina adopted the Palmetto as its state tree in 1939.

More information about the SC Palmetto Tree and why SC is called the “Palmetto State” ~ The Palmetto is a type of palm tree with fan-shaped leaves. Palmetto trees grow along the coast of South Carolina and are very important to South Carolina’s history.

This nickname of SC as the “Palmetto State” refers to South Carolina’s official State Tree, the Sabal Palmetto. The Palmetto is rooted in historical significance dating back to the Revolutionary War. On June 28, 1776, the British fleet’s attack on Sullivan’s Island was repulsed. The palmetto-log fort, under Colonel William Moultrie, withstood the barrage of British cannons until the fleet retreated. The Sabal Palmetto (Inodes Palmetto), commonly referred to as the Cabbage Palmetto, was added to the National flag of South Carolina, after it seceded from the Union in 1861.

The Palmetto is South Carolina’s official State Tree. It also appears on the South Carolina State Seal and in the salute to the flag of South Carolina written in 1950 by Mrs. John Raymond Carson and adopted by the General Assembly in 1966: “I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith.”

Did you know? ~ The leafbud of the Palmetto is very popular as a salad vegetable and is used for making pickles and relishes. The leaf bases can be used to make fibers.

Show your love for where you live, by wearing a lovely Palmetto Tree! See our huge collection of Palmetto Jewelry online!

[Source: The State of South Carolina]

Blog post by ~ Jelene

Palmetto Tree Jewelry

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