Information about Engraving

Would you like a piece of your jewelry or an accessory, engraved? Here are some frequently asked questions about engraving, and some other information about the process.

What type of engraving does Jewelry Warehouse do? ~ We do everything from Baby Cups, Glass, Pens, Charms, Watches, and Zippos.  We also do many other custom items.

How long does engraving take?  – We quote a week on engravings.  If I’m asked to Rush an Engraving I’ll usually do it while they wait or a 1 day turn around.  I usually get all done within 2-3 days to be honest, but no longer than a week.

How detailed is the engraving on each metal? – The Machine does very detailed work, even on most metals.  No matter what the metal, it always turns out the fullest detail.

Does engraving vary on the look, depending on the metal it’s done on? – The only variation in look is the Depth of the Engraving/Lines.  Pewter is a very soft metal, so it’ll obviously be deeper/thicker.  Stainless steel usually being the hardest metal that we engrave on will be lighter, but still legible.

How many letters can we have on a ring or other jewelry? – It really varies on the piece that it being worked on.  Rings depend on the size, obviously a size 4 wouldn’t be able to have 30 letters inside it.  We can usually fit 30-40 letters in rings from about a 7 up.  The same goes with other pieces that are being engraved, It just depends on the size of the piece and what they want on it really.

What if there is a mistake? Can we get it fixed? –  If it is a customer mistake, then they would replace the piece and the engraving to be redone.  Most of the Items that are brought in, can be buffed out and re-engraved.  It just depends on the piece.  If is an Engraver/Sales Associate mistake, then we would replace it free of charge.

Do you have a list of everything that can engraved? – There’s really no limitation to what can be engraved.  Like I said, we can engrave anything from Glass, to baby cups, and most items that we don’t sell.  It just depends on the shape and where they want it on the piece.

What fonts can we choose from? – All of the stores have folders with fonts that customers can choose from. There are probably 50-60 different types of fonts that we have, too many to type out here!

Do you engrave on glass? – We can engrave on anything from Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses, Shot Glasses, Pilsner Glasses, and Beer Mugs.  Anything Glass we can look at and tell if it can be engraved or not, depending on how thick/thin it is.

Anything else you’d like customers to know about engraving that we can do?Another thing that I would add would be Custom Pictures/logos.  We can take any picture that you have and scan it into the computer, Clean it up and have it engraved on anything that you want.  It costs 10 dollars to have a custom piece done (which isn’t bad at all, actually it’s really inexpensive).  Just visit any store with your picture and we’ll see if we can do it!

Thanks Joel! If you have any other questions about engraving, be sure and contact us for more information!

See our engravable items that we have on the site.

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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  1. Terri gurganious says:

    I have a glass charm necklace with the into anitials monogrammed onto it but it need to change to diff monogramed letters. Do ou all do this.

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