Employee Pick – Pearls by Fredna

Today’s Employee pick is from Fredna at our Harbison location. She picked Pearls.

Why did you pick Pearls?They are classic, they never go out of style! Women can wear pearls for all occasions. You can wear them for elegant occasions of course, but you can also wear them with casual wear as well.

Tell us some facts about Pearls – Pearls are interesting because they are made by living creatures. They are cultured, which means that people place a fragment inside the oyster to make a pearl, whereas, Freshwater pearls get an irritating fragment in the oyster, making a pearl.

How do you take care of Pearls? Is there a certain way they need to be cleaned? – Pearls are easy to take care of. All you need is a soft cloth to polish and clean the pearls. Never put pearls in an ultra-sonic jewelry cleaner. Also, never spray perfume or hair spray while you are wearing pearls.

Thanks Fredna!

Below are some other facts and interesting information about Pearls.

What makes some pearls have color?Color in pearls depend on a few things… but mostly they are dyed to get their color. When it happens in nature, it’s extremely rare. The natural color of a pearl results from a combination of several factors. The pearl’s body color is its main color. This can be white, silver, cream-colored, gold, green, blue, or even black. The body color is determined by the type of oyster or mollusk that produces the pearl (certain types of oysters generally produce pearls of certain colors), as well as the conditions of the water, and sometimes the type of nucleus which is implanted to stimulate the pearl’s creation [Source: Pearl Guide]

See this video below for a little bit more information about the color of Pearls.

Why are some pearls round in shape and some not?  – Because pearls are natural organic substances, they occur in a wide variety of shapes, many of which are quite unique and interesting. Every pearl has a slightly different shape. The round pearls you most commonly see are by no means the only shape in which pearls are found! Indeed, perfectly round pearls are actually quite rare. This is because the eventual shape of the pearl is determined by a number of highly variable factors, which occur inside the oyster as the pearl is developing. [Source: Pearl Shapes]

See our large collection of pearls! Click here.

Blog post by ~ Jelene

Beautiful Pearl Jewelry

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