Social Media Inspired Jewelry

I remember what the world was like before the internet. I remember what it was like before social media. Ok, I just showed my age a little bit, but honestly, how has the internet and the world we know, changed with the use of them? How has it shaped us? How has it connected us?

When I was in college at USC in the 90’s, I remember how exciting it was, that there was a cyber world, through the eyes of the computer monitor. The sound of the “dial-up” tone…  as you were accessing a different world. A place where you could connect with people that you have never met before, and will probably never meet, but you had a connection, with similar interests, hobbies, etc. This whole movement of the internet, took the world by storm, expanding business sales, connecting friends, having a library at your fingertips, and also connecting businesses with customers that would have never been able to come to the store physically. I remember talking to other college students about the “start” of the internet and a friend mentioned “I will never use that!”

How many of us could go without the connection of the internet at our fingertips? How long would you last before you had to check your facebook page or other social networks?

What will social media be like in 5 years? Will we still be using Facebook, or will it be a site like Myspace, that will be forgotten as well?

Accessories with Social Media logos were bound to happen with it’s popularity. How cool is this Pinterest ring and this little Twitter bird ring? The Pinterest ring is made with rubies, and diamonds encrusted in 14k yellow gold. I came across this ring with the Pinterest logo and wondered if there were other types of jewelry that were Social Media related. Of course! With the popularity of them, why not? If you love Social Media, would you wear something like this?

Here are some more pieces with Twitter and Facebook below… Perfect for the social media geeks that want to show their love for the web!

Have a great weekend!

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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