Celebrity Rings and the History of Engagement Rings

The first sign that another celebrity is engaged, it’s plastered all over the news, blogs, and social media networks. Which celebrity has the most expensive engagement ring? Who has the most over the top, most expensive engagement ring? How do they compare to the average cost of an engagement ring? Find out below in these infographics!

[Click image below to zoom]

A simple solitaire diamond ring wasn’t always the tradition for an engagement ring. The tradition and style have dramatically changed throughout history. Which gemstone was popular before the diamond? What do the 4 C’s mean, for a diamond? Learn about them in this infographic below!

Which celebrity engagement ring is your favorite? Mine is Grace Kelly’s amazing 12 carat emerald cut diamond ring! Would you accept a sewing thimble in place of a real engagement ring now? (probably not!)

Blog post by ~ Jelene

Celebrity Engagement Rings[Infographic Source: Gemvara]

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