Marilyn Monroe’s Jewelry

I’m sure you have heard of the song by Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” You would think that Marilyn Monroe, the Queen of the Silver Screen, owned a lot of expensive diamond jewelry, but actually that was not the case at all. She owned very little valuable jewelry. Most of the pieces she wore, were loaned to her through top jewelers for promotion.

Her personal collection was mostly costume jewelry and the only real jewelry she did have, was a diamond wedding band given to her by Joe DiMaggio, when they were married in 1954. She also had a 16″ strand of Mikimoto pearls, that was given to her as wedding gift from Joe, during their honeymoon in Japan.

Her wedding band was a platinum and diamond eternity band, set with 35 baguette cut diamonds. It was sold at auction for $772,500 and it was missing one stone.

The strand of pearls, was one of her treasured possessions that she still wore, even after her divorce.

Through all 3 of her marriages, she was never given an engagement ring. Her first marriage, at 16, was an attempt for her to stay out of orphanages. Her second marriage to DiMaggio was out of love, but it only lasted 274 days. Her third marriage to Arthur Mills, lasted around 5 years, though it is not known whether or not he had even given her a wedding ring.

[Source: Marilyn Monroe]

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