Tuesday Tips – Do’s and Don’ts for jewelry

Tuesday Tips!

Here are some helpful hints in taking the best care for your jewelry!


– Use toothpaste or baking soda to clean your jewelry, they are an abrasive.

– Don’t store silver directly on wood surface. The Acids in the wood can damage the finish.

– Do not leave your jewelry in your bathroom. Moisture causes tarnish and corrosion, so don’t store jewelry in the bathroom, no matter how convenient it may be!

– When cleaning jewelry with jewelry cleaner, don’t use new fabric to dry it off, as it contains starches or sizing to stiffen it and can scratch jewelry and plated finishes. Use linen or cotton (wool can scratch).


– Do wear your jewelry often! Wearing jewelry prevents the buildup of tarnish, as contact with the skin rubs off tarnish as it’s created.

– Store your jewelry individually, so they won’t rub against each other. Hang your necklaces up separately.

– Put jewelry on after  you apply your make up and your hairspray. Make up,  hairspray, perfumes, lotions and oils, can possibly react with your jewelry, especially pearls, as they are very absorbent.

Blog post by ~ Jelene

About Jewelry Warehouse

Jewelry Warehouse is a locally owned jewelry store that has 2 locations located in Columbia SC. We have been voted best jewelry store by the State newspaper – the largest paper in SC, for 22 years in a row. Originally founded in 1969, George Satterfield started the Jewelry Warehouse. It was his vision to always get quality jewelry but to price lower than traditional jewelry stores. After 40 years his vision has continued even after his death in 2005. With the growth and development of the internet, the plan is stronger than ever as not only does The Jewelry Warehouse still offer the best price and quality in SC, it now has the best pricing in the United States! People from California to New York now can get jewelry that is sold in the cities for significantly more, at South Carolina pricing. With a satisfaction Guarantee, buying from Jewelry Warehouse gives people everywhere a risk free opportunity to try us and save on quality merchandise.
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2 Responses to Tuesday Tips – Do’s and Don’ts for jewelry

  1. Pamela Suggs says:

    Do you have tips for keeping costume jewelry in good condition?

    • Hello Pamela, For costume jewelry – always remove them before washing your hands or taking a shower. Always store them in a jewelry box, away from your bathroom or keep them in a dry place. Remove them before using lotions, hairsprays and perfumes. Always remove them before you do outdoor activities in the summer or exercising. I hope that helps!

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