Employee Jewelry Pick

Today’s Employee pick is Blue Diamond Jewelry, from Dana at our Lexington location.

What makes blue diamonds special for your jewelry pick? Blue Diamonds are unique! They make a great alternative wedding band! I think blue diamonds are pretty awesome because they have a different look to them as compared to other diamonds.

What makes blue diamonds, blue? The color in serenity enhanced blue diamonds is formed from ion induction color. Which means that it is heat treated to get the color. Natural Blue Diamonds are extremely rare. Natural blue diamonds are formed when traces of boron are present during the diamond’s creation in the earth.

Is there any special care needed for blue diamonds, as compared to other diamonds? – Actually yes, I wouldn’t recommend putting them in a heated ultra sonic cleaner. Any sort of hot heat can possibly cause your blue diamond to lose some of its color. If you have a heated ultra sonic cleaner, then it’s best to clean your piece by hand gently with mild detergent and a soft brush, or cloth.

Thank you Dana! To see some of our blue diamonds online, click here. Go to any of our 4 locations to see more of them in person!

Blog post by ~ Jelene

Blue Diamonds

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