Employee Jewelry Pick

Our Employee Jewelry Pick is from Karen at our Lexington location. She chose the “I Do” diamond bridal collection.

Why did you choose this particular collection? – I believe the bridal set case is one of the most enjoyable jewelry areas to work with. The variety of styles we carry is amazing. We carry bridal sets starting at $499 up to several thousand dollars.

Does the “I Do” collection of rings come with a certificate of authenticity? – Yes, the “I Do” collection comes with certification cards to verify the quality of diamonds you’re purchasing.

If a particular ring isn’t available in yellow or white gold, can it be special ordered? – Most styles are available in white or yellow gold and can be special ordered to size. If platinum is desired we can special order many styles of our bridal sets also.

Anything else you’d like for people to know about the “I Do” collection? – Couples of all ages come in to shop our diamond collections, and it’s an honor to assist in their selection and financing needs. Women really enjoy trying on all the beautiful styles in this collection. Most of our customers say they’re all so beautiful it’s hard to pick just one!

Thank you Karen! If you would like to see our entire collection of “I Do” please stop in any Jewelry Warehouse location!

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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