Employee Jewelry Pick

Today’s Employee Jewelry pick is from Heather at our West Columbia store. She picked Gabriel and Co.

Why did you choose this particular jewelry collection? – I chose Gabriel because the jewelry is just so beautiful!  It has a timeless heirloom quality to it with great attention to detail.  They also make some unique pieces with a more modern flair for people that would prefer that look, instead of the vintage style.

Can you get pieces in other metals or gemstones? –  Most pieces can be ordered in white or yellow gold.  Also in most cases a center gemstone can be changed to another to meet a customers needs.

Anything else you would like for customers to know about Gabriel & Co.? – I think that any lady would love a piece from this collection  All the stores now have a case dedicated to our Gabriel line.  I would love to help our customers find the perfect piece from our selection or special order just the right piece.  Gabriel also has a bridal line that we can special order from as well.

Thanks Heather! You can check out our Gabriel & Co. online and our newest Gabriel & Co. jewelry in our stores!

Blog post by ~ Jelene

Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

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