Celebrity Engagement Rings – Bold and Fabulous!

Big and bold, seems to be the “in” look for celebs in Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston’s humongous diamond sparkler designed by Lorriane Schwartz, is catching everyone’s eye! This past weekend, some photos were snapped of her 8-9 carat diamond ring while she was taking a break from filming her latest movie in New Mexico.

Jennifer’s ring is very similar in shape to Beyonce’s ring, which is 18 carats and was also designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Beyonce’s rock is reported to have cost $5 million! Beautiful or too much?

Yet another ring that Lorriane designed was Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, shown below. It was a whopping 20 carats and was $2.5 million! The question I have now since the break up from Kris Humphries… Where is the ring now? Did she keep it? (Kim had to pay Kris to keep the ring!)

And more recently, the lovely pink oval diamond ring that Blake Lively wore in her South Carolina wedding to Ryan Reynolds. A stunning 12 carat sparkler, that was also designed by, you guessed it, Lorriane Schwartz.

What do you think of the styles and mega sizes that celebs are wearing now? Too much, or why not… they are celebrities, right?

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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