Employee Jewelry Pick

Today’s Employee Jewelry Pick is from Angi at our West Columbia store. She chose the lovely collection of Spitzer Designs. This collection is by JSA and features the Mediterranean Collection and the Shimmerings Collection.

Why did you pick this collection? –  This jewelry collection is beautiful and they have a lot of unique styles to choose from!

What metals does this collection come in? –  They come in silver and 22k gold plated silver.

Are the gemstones real or synthetic? –  The gemstones in the Mediterranean collection are genuine. The gemstones in the Shimmerings collection are lab created.

Do the pendants come with chains? –  Yes, they come with 18″ sterling silver chains.

Is there anything else you’d like for customers to know about this collection? –  This collection is not only captivating in style, but it’s also trendy. The look of the Mediterranean style is great for casual wear. The Shimmerings collection would be perfect to wear for an evening out!

Thanks Angi! See our entire collection of Spitzer Designs in all 4 stores, or online!

Blog post by ~ Jelene

Spitzer Designs Jewelry

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