Employee Pick- Le Vian Jewelry

This week’s Employee Pick is from Abi at our Northeast location! She picked the beautiful collection of Le Vian.

Why did you choose Le Vian? – They have a unique and original style to their jewelry. Also, the historical aspect of their jewelry line is pretty fascinating and makes for great conversation pieces.

Where does the company find their gemstones? – The Le Vian company travels to the most remote regions to find the rarest gemstones. Often referring to themselves as the” guardian of the jewels of the world.” The family will try to own mines around the world where the gems are extremely rare.

What are some other interesting facts about Le Vian that you think people should know? – Le Vian is America’s oldest jeweler. Le Vian jewelers have been purveyors of fine jewelry since the 15th century when the Nadir Shah of Persia conquered India and brought back the fabled Kohinoor diamond, the largest ruby ever discovered and other priceless gems.

It’s pretty incredible that they have the jewelry artisans create over 1000 sketches to create one exclusive style!

A lot of famous celebrities have been spotted wearing Le Vian. Actors such as: Rachel McAdams, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Hough, Katherine Heigl and Hilary Swank.

They are most well known for naming the brown diamonds, as “chocolate” diamonds. Sounds a lot better than just “brown” diamonds, don’t you think?

Thanks Abi! To see more of these selected beautiful Le Vian rings, check out the links below!  Also, on our website, or in one of our 4 locations!

Le Vian Jewelry

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