Sirena Jewelry Collection

Introducing the Sirena Jewelry Collection at Jewelry Warehouse! These wonderful and unique pieces are definitely an eye-catcher! Dare to be different when you wear them!

The Sirena Collection of Jewelry features diamonds swirled in modern designs with white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

The collection launched in 2003, and the Sirena Collection has revolutionized the diamond fashion world. The collection was inspired by the sensuality, shape and natural beauty of a woman. The elegant simplicity and subtle detail that goes into every individual piece is what makes the collection the perfect item to wear on every occasion. This timeless classic and collection is inspired by a woman’s figure and reminds us all about the natural beauty of jewelry. As a woman will never be just another woman, the Sirena Collection will never be just another piece of jewelry.

See some of the collection online here, more to come soon! See the entire collection in stores!

Blog post by ~ Jelene

Sirena Jewelry Collection

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