Watch Wednesday – Vintage Watch Ads

Seiko Ad 1981

Today is Watch Wednesday! I came across these interesting vintage watch ads by Pulsar and Seiko. They are from from the 1960s – 1980s. I find that looking at old ads is a great way to get design inspiration. Also, it’s fun comparing styles to what we have today. Why does 1993 already seem old?

We’ll start with this 1969 ad below. I love the layout they did with this… laying several styles out. The ad says, “Seiko, the new international sport. All over the world, more and more sportsmen are wearing Seiko — the watch with the up-to-date-minute features and a sporting new price. Look at the champion performers here. They give you new status colored dials. Automatic self wind. Complete water and shock resistance. Instant date changing calendars. And split second accuracy. How does Seiko do it? By making more fine jeweled lever watches than anyone else in the world. By automation. So you pay only for the timepiece and not the time it took to make it.”

Seiko Magazine Ad 1969

Next is this ad by Seiko from 1972. You might think it’s odd that they would have the man smoking in the ad, but during this time, most everyone was. Even in hospitals! The ad says, “Before you return home from your tour of Japan, why not present yourself with a Seiko. The timely gift from Japan. You’ll love Seiko’s wide selection. You name it, Seiko has it. Watches for every occasion, for every purpose. So before you head home, head for your Seiko dealer. You’ll find him at a hotel arcade, department and jewelry stores. And after your purchase, don’t forget to ask for your worldwide Seiko guarantee card. Tax-free for tourists where authorized. A timely and memorable gift — Seiko.”

Seiko Magazine Ad 1972

So modern, so futuristic! Check out these Seiko watches from 1985 below. They called this the 2001 style. In 1985, the year 2001 seemed so far away! Their “2001 Series” was the world’s first quartz watch powered by light.

pulsar ad
Pulsar Magazine Ad 1985

And lastly, this ad below from 1993…I really like their tagline on this one, “Obviously, we know what makes people tick.” I also like how they showcase most of their collection from that year. Most ads only show a few watches at a time…

Pulsar Magazine Ad from 1993
Pulsar Magazine Ad from 1993

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