What men need to know when buying a Diamond Ring

Tacori Bridal Ring

There are so many different choices in buying an engagement ring, how can you possibly choose? Valentine’s Day is coming up and many people ‘pop’ the question on this day!

See this infographic below for tips in choosing the best ring!

Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold? – Looks like White Gold is still the #1 choice for ladies. It goes with everything and never goes out of style, though rose gold is still very “trendy.”

So many shapes of diamonds – How do I choose? – Yes, this can be pretty confusing, but try and pick the ring out together, that’s the best way to find what she likes, obviously! If this is not an option, that try to pick the best shape that matches her style. Simple and classic is the round diamond. If you are unsure of what she would like, you can always choose this shape!

Figure out a budget – They have on this infographic below that (£6 pounds) $9.52 is what you can save daily for one month and it adds up to about $330 a month. They say that (£2500 Pounds) $3965 dollars is a typical ring budget, but there are no real rules. Set a budget that you can comfortably afford and stick to it!

Good luck in choosing the right ring! If you have any questions, stop by and speak to one of our diamond experts… or see our collection of bridal rings online here.

Blog post by ~ Jelene

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