Ah, Love: Diamonds for Every Milestone

Ring GiftMost women welcome any occasion to adorn themselves in sparkling accessories, especially diamonds. A pair of diamond earrings will undoubtedly make her feel on top of the world, or a princess cut diamond engagement ring is a surefire way to get a “yes” from your loved one.

Share your love with her and celebrate your milestones together with these diamond gifts ideas:

Anniversary: Celebrate Your Years of Love

Why not celebrate this year’s anniversary with a beautiful anniversary diamond? Keep your love alive by gifting her with a dazzling past, present and future diamond ring. A diamond journey pendant is also a wonderful gift to remember all the years you’ve been together.

The Proposal: Knock Her Socks Off

Don’t let “the one” go. Seal the deal by by stooping down on one knee, wearing a huge smile and holding an open jewelry box. It will be the most exhilarating moment of your life.

Jewelry designer Hattie Rickards, a jewelry designer expert recommends you first ask your girlfriend about her bridal ring style and tastes. Research several ring styles with and determine your budget. During a face-to-face consultation, ask your jeweler about options for personalizing. Don’t be afraid to ask if your jeweler is certified.

College Graduation: Show Them How Proud You Are

For parents who want to show just how proud they are of their daughter for her academic achievements, a pair of diamond-studded earrings or a diamond heart bracelet is an excellent gift idea. Since earning a degree and graduating from college signifies the final chapter of childhood ending and the chapter of adulthood beginning, diamond jewelry is a mature gift that will make her feel beautiful, deserving and proud. Present your college graduate with a round-cut diamond tennis bracelet, diamond heart pendant or a beautiful pair of diamond heart earrings at a celebratory post-commencement dinner.

[Post by guest blogger: J.W.]

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