Our Future Parkland Plaza Store!



Here’s a rendering of what our new Parkland Plaza store will look like, coming this fall! 

The Jewelry Warehouse on Platt Springs Road is closing its doors… but before we close, we’re giving everyone a chance to come shop and save one last time. All merchandise is reduced and we will be selling everything at discounted prices — even our showcases! Items are up to 50% off and once an item is gone — it’s gone!

Since 1977 The Jewelry Warehouse has been at 2909 Platt Springs Road. Come join us in sharing memories and recalling stories from the 36 years we have been at our Platt Springs location. Hurry in because once we sell all of our merchandise at these huge discounts, we will truly shut our doors on May 4th!


We would like to hear your memories and stories about the West Columbia store. Share them with us!

Here’s a funny story that we recently heard from a customer, “I was shopping and I purchased a bird bath at another store. I carried it to my car and got in, heard your commercial on the radio and I got so excited about your sale, that I drove straight here and just now I realized I left my bird bath in the parking lot at the other store!”

We know our store closing sale is great but don’t get so excited that you leave your items at another store! 🙂

Send your memories and stories with us, we’d love to hear them!

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