Thank you for the memories…


I just wanted to write a note to thank each and every one of you who have shopped at our West Columbia store – We are so grateful! The stories have been wonderful and mean so much to us for these 36 wonderful years at Platt Springs Rd.

While much history has occurred, we hope that each of you will share in the excitement as we enter the next phase of journey. I have asked each person that works with us now – and those that will be going to the new Parkland store, to please always make sure we take my father’s spirit with them when they go. That we always make sure to work hard to find whatever you are looking for. To make sure that each person is treated with enthusiasm and respect no matter what the item or service we are providing. To always understand that you could choose to shop anywhere and you chose us – and we want you to understand how much we appreciate it.

Our New Parkland Plaza Store! 228 Knox Abbott Drive, Cayce, SC

We will be back this fall at Parkland Plaza, and we hope you each will come see us in our new location.

Thank you so much for the memories!
Scott Satterfield


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