Unique and unusual charms

While looking through our extensive list of Rembrandt charms we have, I discovered some charms that are quite unique. Not only do we have charms for nurses and doctors, such as a hypodermic needle, we have a bed pan charm. Yes, a bed pan charm! Last Thursday was Nurse Assistants Day, so these charms would be appropriate!

charms22Some of the other charms I found that were quite unusual are: mosquito charm, lobster trap, water pump, wrench, outboard motor, teepee, gopher, synchronized swimming, tow truck, dump truck, vasectomy, spark plug, bull fighter, anvil, mule and a boxing kangaroo.

Charms are great for creating memories and giving to loved ones for special occasions. My mother had a charm bracelet in the early 60’s and I still have it today, as a memory of her younger days. Some of the charms she added just because she liked them, and they weren’t for any particular reason. Another charm, with a mustard seed, was said to bring good luck. She also had the Eiffel tower, a car, wishbone and scissors.

Do you have a charm bracelet? What kinds of charms do you have on it? What is your most unusual charm? See our charms online here.

Comment below… We’d love to hear from you!

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