Just Because… sometimes no reason is the best reason of all!


Just because… Two words, but so many possible meanings:
Just Because… I’m proud of you
Just Because… I was thinking of you
Just Because… I love you

iStock_000008861243XSmallThe idea was born because so many people came in to our stores to purchase gifts for specific holidays or because it was expected for an event.

Don’t get me wrong, sales always increased during those times of year and holidays are a GREAT time for gifts, but…

There always seemed to be something missing, something more. Jewelry is an emotional, spontaneous and romantic gift because it is long lasting and it creates a memory that stays with whomever it is given to for a lifetime.

Just Because… I appreciate you,
Just Because… you were there,
Just Because… I see the little things you do when no one is watching…

And then there was that moment that we KNEW this was something we needed to make a part of Jewelry Warehouse, and it wasn’t even a jewelry moment that convinced me. Growing up, my mother always took care of my father. Picking out his clothes, fixing dinner, and keeping the house clean – she did it all.
One day, after discussing the idea of Just Because and the idea that sometimes no reason is the best reason, my dad did something that helped me see just how special this could be. He went home, emptied out the fridge, and made an incredible sandwich (he said) with some side items for my mom. Pretty simple, right? In addition to the sandwich, he attached a note with the simple words “just because”.

I received a call at the office from my mom; she was so excited and somewhat emotional. She enthusiastically stated, “Your dad just gave me a just because gift!” She was thrilled; it was special for her and it meant so much her, all thanks to a sandwich my dad’s note.

After that, we started creating commercials that were built around life events:
-A proud dad at a dance recital
-A graduation
-A simple “thank you”

Just Because became something that we felt embodied what jewelry and romance were all about.

Just Because… you’re the mother of our kids and I love you
Just Because… you’re my hero (minus the cape and spandex!)
Just Because… you’re you!

Granddaughter Giving Present to GrandmotherDo you have someone that you think would like a just because gift or note? Why not tell that person today!

Stop by any Jewelry Warehouse location or order online to receive your free Just Because card with your Just Because purchase. Use if for that special person whenever you’d like! When you do, share your story with us by emailing justbecause@jewelrywarehouse.com or visiting our Facebook page.

Just Because…

It doesn’t need to be expensive to be special – it can even be a simple act of kindness, even something as simple as a sandwich!
Just Because… No reason is the best reason of all!

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