What does your ring shape say about you?

GemstonesThe color and shape of your ring can say a lot about who you are, or do they?

Red stones: You’re active and vibrant. You’re the life of the party.
Orange stones: You’re creative and different, but not too shy.
Green stones: You love anything to do with nature.
Pink stones: You’re romantic and nurturing.
Turquoise stones: You’re talkative and creative.
Pastel blue stones: You’re a communicator.
Dark blue stones: You’re wise, intelligent and like to socialize.
Purple stones: You’re mystical and intuitive.

Shapes and personalities

Solitaire Stone: You are an individual that definitely likes a classic style. You don’t like trends because they tend to go out of style. You favor this classic shape because you are a traditionalist at heart.

Multi-Stone: You are flirty! Your personality is big and bold and you aren’t afraid to show off your style.

Princess Cut Stone: You are definitely a princess! You like traditional looks and style, but you want a little something extra.

Heart Shaped Stone: You are a true romantic! You like all things in love and romance. You are definitely not shy, as this beautiful shape will definitely attract attention!

Cushion Cut: This shape is good for those brides that want something a little more than just traditional round or the traditional square princess. You are effortlessly romantic and are true to your roots.

Marquis Shape Stone: You want a little flair in the shape of your ring, you may be a little bit dramatic, but with this shape showcasing more carat weight, why not?

Emerald Shape Stone: You are classy, sophisticated, and love style. You appreciate things that are timeless in nature.

Oval Shape: You are a traditionalist, but want a little more sparkle and glam.

Pear Shape: You have a hard time deciding on things, but as far as rings are concerned you wanted the best of both worlds. A little flair with little bit traditional.

Family Heirloom Ring: You are sentimental and want to keep the tradition in the family. Your family member passed down her ring and you want to carry on the tradition of wearing it. Plus it makes for a good conversation piece!

What do you think? Do these stone shapes and colors say who you are?

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