The Just Because Challenge


We have an exciting opportunity for you! Introducing the “Just Because” Challenge! It begins today and runs through November 15, 2013.

Stop by any Jewelry Warehouse location to purchase a Just Because gift! With every purchase for “Just Because” you will also get a gift card. We would like to hear the response you get from the gift you give someone. Get a Just Because Challenge form at any location and tell us your story! Submit the form, your receipt, your Just Because story, and you will get a 20% REFUND! (up to $100 – some exclusions apply – receipt required for refund – see store for details)

Stop by any Jewelry Warehouse location today to participate in the Just Because Challenge! We can’t wait to hear your Just Because stories! The Just Because Challenge is available in-store only.

Jewelry Warehouse can help you celebrate life’s every moment with a gift for every special occasion!

But what about those times in between when you just want to show someone you were thinking of them out of the blue? Or when you want to express how you feel just because it’s Friday…or just because you wanted to.

Life brings us opportunity every day to share our love for someone and one way to express that love is to give a lasting gift of jewelry.

Jewelry Warehouse, for life’s every moment, and sometimes… just because.

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