The Just Because Challenge Entries


Thank you to everyone that entered our Just Because Challenge! We received so many wonderful entries, showing your appreciation to loved ones that you care about! We can imagine the recipients of the Just Because gifts, having a surprise look on their faces from the gifts that you gave them! Giving someone a Just Because gift really is special!

The entries of the Just Because Challenge received a 20% refund on the gifts that they purchased.

Below are some of the entries that we received, in no particular order:

Ben W., Gaston, SC – “I met her online and we talked for hours on the phone and I knew she was the one for me! I met her two beautiful children, one has Autism and ADHD, but I fell in love with them. We have been happily married for 8 years and I got her some jewelry “Just Because” I love her.”

Dale L., Lexington, SC – “My daughter is turning 16 and she has always been a joy and bright spot in my life! She is a great kid and student.”

John R., Lexington, SC – “Just because she’s a special lady!”

Kathy F., Chapin, SC – “I bought this Hershey’s Kiss Necklace for my granddaughter because she is very special to me. She is 8 years old and she was born several days after my 50th birthday.”

Barrie J., Columbia, SC – “I’m buying this gift today, just because, it’s my wife’s birthday and I love and adore her with all of my heart. God bless her!”

Joni I., Leesville, SC – “My son’s birthday – gold birthday. He will be turning 23.”

Taylor H., Columbia, SC – “My best friend’s dad was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after we moved to the opposite sids of the US. I wanted to get her a gift for her not only to remember her father, but to have a piece of me with her also. I bought a gold band and had it engraved with her father’s birthday and passing dates.”

Linda W., Cheraw, SC – “I am giving this chain bracelet to my only daughter who has been greatly blessed with three beautiful, healthy boys. She will cherish this gift forever, I’m sure!”

Albert A., Columbia, SC – “Our son was born 18 years ago. He was a gift from God and he remains so today. It doesn’t seem possible that so many years have passed, but time does fly when you’re having fun. Time is a precious commodity especially when it is spent with the ones you love. My wife and I wanted to give our son a gift for his 18th birthday that would remind him of times past and times to come. We felt that a wristwatch would be perfect. As he enters young adulthood and has more schedules, demands and deadlines, we want him to think of us when he looks at his watch; we want him to see that time waits for no one — that life is not about money, rather it is an investment in those whom you love.”

Andrew W., Denmark, SC – “Loyal friends are most valuable assets and should be well remembered. Nice jewelry is one of those long lasting ways to let them know they are appreciated.”







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