A Ring lost, then found 5 years later…

ring_1Normally, when someone loses a piece of jewelry, it’s the typical story of they dropped their ring down the sink or it fell off somewhere in the house.

I came across an amazing story of a lady that lost her ring and thought she lost it at a family gathering. A couple in Chicago were doing some home repairs after their pipes froze recently with the nationwide cold snap. During the plumbing repairs, they came across a diamond and sapphire ring in the drain pipe trap.

After some diligent polishing on the ring, they did some investigating to track down the previous owners of the home,Diamond_Ring1 who were living in Colorado. They called the previous owners and asked if they lost a ring, they were astounded at the fact it was found back at their previous home, 5 years later!

The ring is now on it’s way back to the happy original owner, just in time for the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary.

[Story Source: WGN]




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