Ear Piercing information


***Update: July 2016 – We are currently no longer offering ear piercing ***

Are you thinking about getting your ears pierced, or would like to have your child’s ears pierced? We can do it at Jewelry Warehouse! We have a variety of stud earrings to choose from! It also comes with free ear cleaning solution!

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced? – The cost for piercing is free, there is just the cost depending on which earrings you purchase.

Can I get my baby’s ears pierced? – Yes! We can pierce your baby’s ears, however it is recommended that they have their shots first. It’s not necessary to bring the records, however you just have to sign a form stating that you have had their shots done before we can do the piercing.

Do you make appointments? – Though we don’t schedule appointments, please call your local Jewelry Warehouse store in advance to make sure our Ear Piercer is available during the time you visit us.

See our website for our store locations and our phone numbers –> http://shopjw.co/JWlocations



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