Gifts for your Anniversary

Couple_holding_hands_in_Kauai_(7635480262)Your wedding is a special moment that should be remembered. In celebrating your cherished day on the anniversary, why not gift your loved one with a special piece of jewelry that they will hold dear? There are so many jewelry options, the possibilities are practically endless!

For the guys, how about a new watch? Maybe he needs to upgrade his wedding ring, maybe with diamonds? He also might like a bracelet to match the same metal as his band.

For the ladies, show her that you will love her with a piece from the infinity collection. Perhaps she would like a diamond bracelet to match her wedding ring, or some diamond earrings. A beautiful necklace is also a wonderful option.

No matter what you choose, jewelry is always a wonderful option for expressing your love! Shop online with us here.

If you want to follow the traditional wedding gift route, here’s the standard list of the traditional, as well as the modern gifts for anniversaries.

  • 1st – traditional/paper – modern/clocks
  • 2nd – traditional/cotton – modern/china
  • 3rd – traditional/leather – modern/crystal or glass
  • 4th – traditional/fruit or flowers – modern/appliances
  • 5th – traditional/wood – modern/silverware
  • 6th – traditional/candy – modern/wood
  • 7th – traditional/wool or copper – modern/desk sets
  • 8th – traditional/pottery or bronze – modern/linens or lace
  • 9th – traditional/wicker – modern/leather
  • 10th – traditional/aluminum – modern/diamond jewelry
  • 11th – traditional/steel – modern/fashion jewelry
  • 12th – traditional/silk – modern/pearls
  • 13th – traditional/lace – modern/textile furs
  • 14th – traditional/ivory – modern/gold jewelry
  • 15th – traditional/crystal – modern/watches
  • 20th – traditional/china – modern/platinum
  • 25th – traditional/silver – modern/silver
  • 30th – traditional/pearls – modern/diamond
  • 35th – traditional/coral – modern/jade
  • 40th – traditional/ruby – modern/ruby
  • 45th -traditional/sapphire – modern/sapphire
  • 50th – traditional/gold – modern/gold
  • 60th – traditional/diamond – modern/diamond

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