Cute Marriage Proposal Ideas


Hey guys, are you thinking about getting married? We compiled a group of our favorite marriage proposal photos. Hopefully they will give you some ideas for the day you decide to pop the big question! Which proposal is your favorite?

Marriage Proposal Ideas:

  1. Propose during a baseball or softball game.
  2. Find her favorite book (hopefully a copy!) and place the ring inside the book.
  3. Propose while riding a roller coaster. She will be surprised at the end of the ride when she sees the photo.
  4. Have someone at your zoo aquarium hold a sign to propose. Or maybe you dive yourself?
  5. Simple and sweet proposal with scrabble tiles. For those that love to play the game.
  6. Place a ring on your chest and have an x-ray done. This photo was done because his fiance was an x-ray tech.
  7. Place the ring on your dog or new puppy with the tag, “Will you marry me?” – perfect for dog lovers!
  8. Post it notes all over the wall asking the question. This would take a long time to create, but would definitely be memorable!
  9. For the coffee lovers, a proposal in her cup of coffee.
  10. A proposal done in a photobooth at the mall. This is such a cute idea to have a photo of the moment with her expression when you pop the big question.
  11. Light up a room with candles spelling out “Will you marry me?”
  12. Go on a fun weekend trip to the beach and ask her to marry you while on the beach, with a professionally made sand castle.
  13. Have someone carve out the words, “Will you marry me?” in a field and take a fun plane ride to show her.
  14. Another proposal on the beach. This couple loves surfing, so he planned out a day telling her that the photographer was doing a story on surfers in their area, and had photos of the engagement with her reaction.

Click on the thumbnails to zoom.

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