Congratulations to John and Michelle!

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Congratulations John and Michelle!

They signed up for our Rainy Day Guarantee and they got their diamond wedding ring for FREE! On March 29th, they were married in North Myrtle Beach where the rainfall was 1.77 inches! If it rains 1″ inch or more on your wedding day, you could get your diamond wedding ring for FREE too!

Are you getting married soon and would like to sign up for our Rainy Day Guarantee? For more information about our Rainy Day Guarantee, see our previous blog for more info, or stop by your local Jewelry Warehouse for additional details.

To qualify for the refund, the wedding must take place a maximum of two (2) years and a minimum of thirty (30) days after the purchase of the ring. The official certificate must be signed at least thirty (30) days before the wedding day. If the wedding date is rescheduled after the completion of the certificate, the certificate will be voided and a new certificate must be completed prior to the original wedding date and at least thirty (30) days before the new wedding date.

About Jewelry Warehouse

Jewelry Warehouse is a locally owned jewelry store that has 2 locations located in Columbia SC. We have been voted best jewelry store by the State newspaper – the largest paper in SC, for 22 years in a row. Originally founded in 1969, George Satterfield started the Jewelry Warehouse. It was his vision to always get quality jewelry but to price lower than traditional jewelry stores. After 40 years his vision has continued even after his death in 2005. With the growth and development of the internet, the plan is stronger than ever as not only does The Jewelry Warehouse still offer the best price and quality in SC, it now has the best pricing in the United States! People from California to New York now can get jewelry that is sold in the cities for significantly more, at South Carolina pricing. With a satisfaction Guarantee, buying from Jewelry Warehouse gives people everywhere a risk free opportunity to try us and save on quality merchandise.
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