Jewelry for Easter

Easter is the time of the year that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Many Christians wear Cross jewelry as an indication of their commitment to their Christian Faith. Cross jewelry is also good to give as a gift for someone getting Baptized. Below are some jewelry ideas you can wear with your Easter best. From a simple cross, to the East West Cross, we’ve got several cross pendants and earrings that will complete your outfit!

This beautiful East West style has been popular for a couple years now. Instead of the cross hanging vertically, or up and down… it hangs from side to side. Some even call it the “Sideways” cross. I’ve seen many celebrities wear this style, though many Christians are against this look. However, I see that the significance of the East West Cross represents the removal from sins from East to West. Here’s a verse from the Bible that says,  “He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.” -Psalm 103:12

What do you think about this style cross jewelry? See the sideways cross collection online here.

The traditional vertical cross. We have many looks in this style from gold, silver, rose gold, and stainless steel. See more crosses like these online here.

See our selection of cross earrings online here.

Whether you would like a cross in the traditional style or the modern style, we’ve got several styles to choose from! See them online here or in our stores.

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