Juno Lucina : For the mom to be…


This expectant father gives his wife a meaningful gift of appreciation that symbolizes his desire to protect the two most important people in his life — his partner and the child they’re expecting.

Safety is one of the primarily concerns any father-to-be has when his wife is expecting a baby. Providing security for his family is typically a dad’s ultimate goal throughout fatherhood.

Juno Lucina, the Original Push Gift, represents the safeguarding of both mother and child. The signature pendant symbolizes the hands of Juno Lucina cradling the heads of both mom and baby (the diamonds). The luxury jewelry collection and its iconic purple box, serve to commemorate a mother’s journey from conception to childbirth.

A push present is typically given in the final stage of pregnancy by a loved one. However, it’s never too late to appreciate her journey!

See the Juno Lucina pendant collection in Jewelry Warehouse stores or online here. 


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