New Southern Gates Jewelry Styles

SCHSG00073_lgNow available!  New styles from the Southern Gates Collection! These pendants and cuff bracelets are elegant yet can be worn with your casual outfit. Not only do they have a unique look, but we love their historical background, which makes for a great conversation piece!

The Southern Gates Collection features more than 400 unique designs inspired by 18th and 19th century wrought iron gates. You will love the new designs in these sterling silver cuff bracelets and pendants. Also included in the new pieces, is an engravable pendant, which we can have engraved for you in-house!

Which piece is your favorite?

About the Southern Gates Collection – Ornamental ironwork found throughout the country has inspired the Southern Gates® Collection. The delicate designs once forged in iron represent a legacy that continues through the presence of iron gates in cities and towns across the country and around the globe. The filigree, scroll and tracery patterns found in the Southern Gates® Collection are unique, yet familiar. The Southern Gates® represent timeless tradition that any woman can wear.

See our previous blog entry about the Southern Gates Collection. See them in-stores or online here.

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