Summer Jewelry Tips

beach1There are ways to protect your skin when you are having fun in the sun, but what are the best tips for protecting your jewelry? Every girl wants to show off your bling while sitting poolside, or laying by the beach… but those conditions in the sand and sun really aren’t the best for your sparkling jewels!

When applying sunscreens, oils or lotions to you skin to protect yourself from an awful sunburn, be sure and remove any jewelry that may be in contact with them. Sunscreens and oils and get in the crevices of your jewelry and be difficult to clean. They can also loosen stones from their setting. The best protection for your jewelry valuables is to keep them in a safe and secure place out of the sun.

Going for a swim or a stroll near the ocean? Be careful when wearing your jewelry near or in salt water, as it can damage and discolor the finish on your gemstones, silver, gold and platinum jewelry. Also, rings can more easily slide off while you are at the beach and get lost in the sand!

Going poolside instead of hitting the waves? Be sure and remove your jewelry before you jump in. Chlorine and other pool chemicals can tarnish your shiny silver and gold, so it’s best to save all your sparkly jewelry for a night on the town, instead of a trip to the pool or the beach where they can get damaged.

We hope these jewelry tips were helpful. Let us know if you have any questions about the best care for your jewelry!

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