If it rains 1″ on your wedding day, your diamond ring could be FREE!

Are you getting married soon? How would you like the opportunity to get your diamond wedding ring for FREE? Well, you can if you sign up for our Rainy Day Guarantee! We’ve had 9 Winners so far, and the next couple could be YOU! Stop by your local Satterfield’s Jewelry Warehouse for more information! Here are our guidelines listed below…

Rainy Day Guarantee Guidelines: The original purchaser of a diamond engagement ring from Jewelry Warehouse is entitled to a full refund (excluding sales tax) of up to $10,000 if it rains one (1) inch of rain or more on the day of the wedding and if all other criteria, as outlined on the certificate, is satisfied. Rainfall will be measured at the Columbia, SC Airport by the *National Weather Service during the twenty-four (24) hour period midnight to midnight the day of the wedding. (Or closest confirmed National Weather service facility to wedding. Must be confirmed at time of issue of certificate)

To qualify for the refund, the wedding must take place a maximum of two (2) years and a minimum of thirty (30) days after the purchase of the ring. The official certificate must be signed at least thirty (30) days before the wedding day. If the wedding date is rescheduled after the completion of the certificate, the certificate will be voided and a new certificate must be completed prior to the original wedding date and at least thirty (30) days before the new wedding date.

To receive the refund, the original purchaser must present the following:

  • The original sales receipt
  • The marriage License
  • The Rainy Day certificate
  • The purchaser’s driver’s license or other official form of identification

Refund will be given to the original purchaser only, and cannot be transferred or sold. The refund will be paid in the form of a check to the original purchaser. Claims must be presented within six (6) months after the wedding date.

The purchaser grants Jewelry Warehouse the right to use names, photographs and wedding information if and when a refund is granted, for any purpose, without additional compensation or consideration.

*Liquid precipitation amount will be verified by applying weather data as recorded and reported by the Columbia SC Airport, and disseminated by the National Climatic Data Center. We reserve the right to void this offer for areas of higher than normal likelihood of qualifying for rain totals on sites away from SC.

Our previous winners!

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