Easter Egg Proposal Ideas!

Easter is this coming Sunday, are you thinking about proposing? There are several holidays during the year that most people think about proposing on. I would imagine that the #1 holiday, would be Valentine’s Day, but some may think of it as being a little bit cliché. Other holidays during the year that are popular are New Year’s Eve and Christmas. During this time of year, most will already have their family around to celebrate the holidays, but it could also be stressful with too many family events, or too overwhelming with all the other festivities going on during this time of year to propose.

Easter may be the perfect time of year to propose, for one, she won’t expect it! In the South, the flowers are blooming and it’s just starting to get warm. You could plan a special picnic and deliver an Easter Basket to her. Hide the ring in one of the eggs and have her open the eggs to discover a ring inside! Also, you could plan an Easter Egg Hunt where your family could also get involved by helping to find eggs… let them know where “the engagement egg” is hidden, so they won’t pick it up! – Maybe you could make it a golden egg? Your family could also help to take photos and video to remember the special moment.

We love this idea below in the first photo, where they took a crayon and wrote marry me on the egg… When she dyes the Easter egg, it reveals “Marry me?”

Here are some other photos below to give you some ideas. Good luck and Happy Easter! If you do propose, be sure and share your photos with us!

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